Scala Coding Dojo in Brno

Take your laptop, install SBT, git clone blank SBT project and come to the first Scala Coding Dojo in Brno. Hosted by GoodData who also prepared a short talk about using Scala in their company.

When: 16. 10. 2013 18:00

Where: GoodData, Lidická 31, Brno

We will code in small 2-4 coders groups, each on a problem of their own choice. Everyone is welcome, regardless of your skill level and preferences, everyone has something to learn. We will provide several problems and topics for you, everyone is welcome to come up with topics of his own interest.

More details on event page.

Czech Scala Enthusiasts

The Czech Scala Enthusiasts group promotes Scala language in the Czech Republic. We organize meetups and other Scala-related stuff. If you are interested in or you want to know more about Scala, please join us and come to our meetups!

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